Call for Proposals

Fiat Lux Seminars are the cornerstone of UCLA undergraduate curriculum and Service is one of the core values of UCLA.  As stated in our university’s mission statement, “we seek to serve society through both teaching and scholarship, to educate successive generations of leaders, and to pass on to students a renewable set of skills and commitment to social engagement.”

In that spirit, the Division is seeking proposals for the Social Sciences Dean’s Fund to support Fiat Lux Teaching Related to Civic Engagement during the 2018-19 Academic Year.  Such a course would have the following two elements:

1)     apply disciplinary perspectives to analyze a critical societal issue, and

2)     create a way for students to explore ways that they could get involved in that civic issue (such as the role of grass-roots organizing, non-profits, policy advocacy, or legislative mechanisms).

The fund will provide an additional $1,000 in research support by Dean Darnell Hunt, to ladder faculty who develop and teach new Fiat Lux courses next year aimed at helping our students understand the importance and impact of Civic Engagement.  For background on the Division’s commitment to civically engaged research, teaching and service, please see its new e-forum, LA Social

If you are considering teaching such a Civic Engagement Fiat Lux, an available resource is Shalom Staub, the new Director of the Center for Community Learning.

Social Science Division faculty interested in discussing a Fiat Lux course on Civic Engagement is encouraged to contact:

Shalom D. Staub, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Community Learning
Murphy Hall A265
University of California—Los Angeles
P: (310) 825-1115

Any faculty members interested in exploring possible approaches to Civic Engagement Fiat Lux proposals can reach out to Director Shalom Staub directly, at

Please note that the proposal submission deadline for Winter is 11/12/18, and the deadline for Spring is 2/4/19.