New Faculty

2018-19 Cohort

Victor Agadjanian


Victor is a social demographer interested in migration, sexual and reproductive health and behavior, family, and religion.

David Baqaee


David works on aggregation in disaggregated macroeconomic models, with an emphasis on the role production networks play in business cycles, growth, and international trade.

Abigail Bigham


Abigail’s research is focused on understanding human genetic adaptation to environmental pressures and how these adaptations affect the range of modern human phenotypic diversity.

Jennifer Jihye Chun

Asian American Studies

Jennifer has published widely on the changing world of precarious work and labor politics, with a focus on the intersections of race, class, gender and migration in comparative and global perspective.

Jessica Collett


Jessica’s work spans substantive areas — employing social psychological concepts and theories in the study of family, religion, work, and education — and uses diverse methodological approaches.

Jason De León

Anthropology and Chicana/o Studies

Jason’s research interests include theories of violence, materiality, Latin American migration, photoethnography, forensic science, and archaeology of the contemporary.

Ugo F. Edu

African American Studies

Ugo is a medical anthropologist working at the intersection of medical anthropology, public health, black feminism, and science, technology, and society studies (STS).

Felipe Goncalves


Felipe applies tools from labor and public economics to study topics in policing, crime, and education, with a particular emphasis on questions of racial inequality.

Terence Keel

African American Studies

Terence is an interdisciplinary scholar who has written widely about Euro-American science as a cultural practice inseparable from western legacies of religious belief, political governance, and racial ideology.

Omar Lizardo


Omar’s empirical and theoretical work lies at the intersection of multiple fields, including cultural analysis, historical sociology, institutional and organization theory, culture and consumption studies, social theory, cognitive social science, and network science.

Katherine Marino


Katherine’s research interests include histories of women, gender, sexuality, and race in the Americas; transnational feminism; and human rights.

Natalie Masuoka

Political Science and Asian American Studies

Natalie examines how and why whites, blacks, Asian Americans and Latinos view immigration and immigrants in systematically different ways.

Cecilia Menjívar


Cecilia’s research addresses the relationship between gender, violence, the legal system, and family in immigrant communities.

Eric Min

Political Science

Eric’s research focuses on interstate diplomacy, information gathering and sharing during crises, and applications of machine learning and text analysis techniques to declassified documents related to conflict and foreign policy.

Efrén Pérez

Political Science

Efrén’s scholarship centers on political psychology, with specific interests in racial and ethnic politics, language and political thinking, implicit political cognition, and the measurement of political concepts.

Giovanni Rossi


Giovanni’s research addresses human language and gesture as a system of tools for social interaction.

SA Smythe

African American Studies

SA is a poet, translator, and scholar of Black European Literary & Cultural Studies, Contemporary Mediterranean Studies, and Black Trans Poetics.

Chris Zepeda-Millán

Chicana/o Studies

Chris’ research focuses on issues related to immigration, social movements, and racial politics.