Call for Proposals

Call for Fiat Lux Proposals

Fiat Lux Seminars are the cornerstone of UCLA undergraduate curriculum and Service is one of the core values of UCLA. As stated in our university’s mission statement, “we seek to serve society through both teaching and scholarship, to educate successive generations of leaders, and to pass on to students a renewable set of skills and commitment to social engagement.”

In addition, UCLA will celebrate its centenary this year, marking 100 years of transformative research, teaching and service. To mark this occasion, the Division of Social Sciences will contribute an additional $1,000 for Fiat Lux courses that explore one of the core pillars of the Centennial celebration, “Only Here.” Eligible courses will be those that examine the ways in which engaged scholarship at UCLA over the past 100 years has been inspired by and helped to shape life in the multicultural, global portal we know as Los Angeles.

The call is open to ladder faculty in the Social Science Division who develop and teach new Social Science Fiat Lux courses next year (2019-20) aimed at helping our students understand the importance and impact that UCLA has had in Los Angeles.  For background on the Division’s commitment to civically engaged research, teaching and service in Los Angeles, please see our e-forum, LA Social Science:

See below for proposal details, eligibility and deadlines.

Fiat Lux Seminar Program

Last year more than 200 1-unit courses were offered in UCLA’s Fiat Lux Seminar Program. In order to incentivize Fiat Lux seminar offerings during 2019-20 related to “Only Here”, ladder faculty from the Division of Social Sciences will be eligible for an additional research award of $1,000 for each course offered from a department within the Division of Social Sciences (please see the Fiat Lux website for details on the standard faculty compensation they provide).

  • Extended Deadline for proposal submission is Friday, May 31, 2019 for a Fall seminar, Monday, November 4, 2019 for a Winter seminar, and Monday, January 27, 2020 for a Spring seminar. Research funds will be made available once the Fiat Lux seminar has been approved and offered.
  • Eligibility: ladder faculty with appointments in departments or interdepartmental programs in the Division of Social Sciences.
  • Eligibility: The course must be offered through a department or IDP housed within the Division of Social Sciences
  • For information about the Fiat Lux Seminar Program, please go to Fiat Lux ( For questions specific about Fiat Lux seminars, please contact Ms. Pia Palomo (Director of Fiat Lux Programs) directly (

Proposal Application Must Include the Following:

  1. Applicant’s name, Social Science departmental affiliation, and contact information.
  2. Name and contact information of the Social Science department manager who will be managing the funds if awarded.
  3. Title and description of proposed program or course (250-500 words).
  4. After submitting the Fiat Lux proposal through the instructions below, please provide this information via email to Ms. Amanda McAlpin (