New Faculty

2017-18 Cohort

H. Samy Alim


Samy studies language, power, and identities; language and race, racism and (trans)racialization (raciolinguistics); the language and verbal art of Hip Hop Culture, locally and globally; Muslim youth cultures; language, culture, and education; culturally sustaining pedagogies; Black Language; U.S., Spain, South Africa.

Juliann Anesi

Gender Studies

Juliann’s research interests include disability advocacy, social movements, decolonial feminism, Native Pacific studies, and children’s literature.

Rick Dale


Rick is a cognitive scientist interested in the dynamics of cognition and communication.

Michael Gaddis


Michael’s research focuses on racial discrimination, educational inequality, and mental health. He often uses experiments to examine levels of discrimination in employment and housing as well as the conditions under which racial discrimination occurs.

Tao Gao


Tao’s research explores the visual roots of “Theory of Mind” as a foundation of human social communication. His study integrates insights, theories and technologies from cognitive science, computer vision and robotics.

Joshua Guzmán

Gender Studies

Joshua’s work focuses on performance studies, Latina/o cultural studies, sexual cultures, aesthetics and queer theory

Ju Hui Judy Han

Gender Studies

Judy’s research interests lie at the nexus of political economy and cultural politics, and most of her work deals with Korea and the Korean diaspora.

Juan Herrera


Juan’s research interests are race, social movements, queer of color critique, spatial theory, and women of color feminisms.

Kelly Kay


Kelly’s research interests are nature/society geography, political economy, social theory, land conservation and natural resource industries.

Kyle Mays

African American Studies

Kyle (Black/Saginaw Anishinaabe) is a transdisciplinary scholar of Afro-Indigenous studies, urban history, and Indigenous popular culture. He is interested in the links between race, indigeneity, cultural production, and identity formation.

Nancy Mithlo

Gender Studies

Nancy’s research interests are visual anthropology, Indigenous visual arts and curation, gender analysis, film studies, photographic archives, museum critique, arts education and Indigenous knowledge production; Native North America, globalized popular culture

Shaina Potts


Shaina’s research lies at the intersection of geography, political economy and legal studies, with an emphasis on post-colonial sovereign debt relations, transnational law and the politics of territory.

Karen Umemoto

Asian American Studies

Karen is interested in how we can plan and govern in multicultural cities to build an inclusive, equitable and democratic society.

Jonathan Vogel


Jonathan’s work studies the skill premium and immigration in the context of trade.

Anne Warlaumont


Anne is a cognitive scientist interested in the early development and evolution of human vocal signals.

Brian Wood


Brian is an evolutionary anthropologist, and his research focuses on human behavioral ecology, hunter-gatherer societies, evolutionary demography, foraging theory, and movement ecology.